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No longer does the pastor's library simply consist of a large shelf with dozens of dusty books. The pastor's library of today draws from a variety of media, of course including print, but also utilizing the internet, video and audio. Computers have revolutionized the way pastor's educate themselves and their congregations. Combining these tools into a comprehensive information source is the task of the pastor who seeks to remain relevant and who is looking for the best way to serve their congregation.

Putting it all together

One of the main goals of The Pastor's Library is to show pastors that they can combine all of the tools they need into a centralized pastor's resource library, and do this within their budget while not compromising quality. If you have a book budget, you should consider purchasing Bible software as a tool for developing your complete pastoral library.

"I am focusing on building my electronic library now more than ever. About 90% of my purchases [are] for my laptop."

Advanced Technology vs. Quality Resources

The debate is over! Pastors should not struggle any longer over weighing the advantages of using technology in their pastoral library while sacrificing the quality of resources. Pastors and churches are beginning to realize that by incorporating software technologies into their pastoral libraries, they are creating a more complete database for sermon preparation and scholarship than ever before.

The fact is that Bible reference software has become what every pastor has always wished it could be - a fully functional reference library, with volumes information only keystrokes away. So why does the Pastors Library recommend Bible software to pastors looking to expand their libraries? Because it is the clearest and easiest way to add depth to pastoral studies while developing a library filled with quality titles. For more information about Bible software, visit the software section of The Pastor's Library.

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Benefits of a Software-Integrated Library

  • A centralized resource location
  • Software serves as a complement to the books it includes
  • Easy to transport your entire library, via laptop computer

A clear trend within pastors and churches is to move towards these new forms of technology as a means of better serving their congregation. One pastor we survey states, "I am focusing on building my electronic library now more than ever." Others say they use their Bible software for most if not all of their studies. Pastors and churches are finding that a fully developed, complete pastor's library is assisted and in many cases fully supported by Bible software.

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