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Pastors need a resource that will provide them with the most advanced options for studying the Bible. They also need time saving tools to allow them to balance their duties to their congregation with preparation time. Bible software answers this call.

Bible software has changed everything

Often, pastors don't realize how easy it is to incorporate a Bible software program into their existing plan of study. Or maybe the issue is the misperception that their budget is insufficient. But the Pastor's Library is designed to help educate churches and pastors that they are capable of investing in Bible software as an adequate use of their pastoral budget. In this section of The Pastor's Library, we invite you to study the benefits of using Bible software, browse some of the top titles in this technology, as well as provide countless reviews and praise for using Bible software as a part of their pastor's library.

The beauty of the book budget

One of the most significant concerns pastors and their congregations have about purchasing Bible software is the up front cost. More likely than not, you have considered purchasing Bible software in the past or are considering it now. But one of your main concerns is the up front cost - $100, $200, or even $1000 dollars!

This is a valid concern and the Pastor's Library is designed to help alleviate some of these worries. Book budgets are designed to give pastors and their congregations the financial piece of mind to invest in a product like Bible software. If budgets are set and kept, then the prospect of purchasing a $500 product can be considered as an investment over a few months. Also, some companies often allow customers to utilize payment plans to spread their cost over a few months, thus easing the financial burden on a church or individual.

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